Heathvale Easter Special Wine Offer

Taste Eden Valley present Heathvale Vineyards - Red Wine Must Have!

Easter is the perfect excuse to crack a bottle or two of ‘Angry Rabbit’ from Heathvale.

The name was inspired from a drawing on a coffee cup by Trevor’s grandson over 10 years ago. Frustrated at the plague proportions of rabbits damaging the young and established vines in the vineyard led to a delicious dinner of ‘Rabbit Cassoulet’ and the wine label was born.

The ‘Angry Rabbit’ was traditionally a blend of Cabernet and Shiraz grapes, but with a little more inspiration a splash of Sagrantino grapes has now been added to the vintage making it far more complex and aromatic.

James Halliday – 2018 Wine Companion 5 Star Winery

Sample the varieties separately or blended together in the ‘Angry Rabbit’

2 x Heathvale Vineyards  Angry Rabbit 2015

1 x Heathvale Vineyards  The Encounter Cabernet 2015

1 x Heathvale Vineyards  The Reward Shiraz 2015

1 x Heathvale Vineyards  Provence Shiraz/Cabernet Blend 2012

1 x Heathvale Vineyards Sagrantino The Belief 2013

RRP $220

Easter Special $180

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Moving to Eden Valley and the old ‘Heathvale’ property in the mid 1980’s we learnt bits about its history from local residents until a chance visit by one of William Heath’s daughters, in her 90’s, opened up a whole new dimension for us.