Stage Door Wine Co Stage Door Wine Co. Eden Valley Cabernet 2015

Stage Door Wine Co. Eden Valley Cabernet

Vineyard: Stage Door Wine Co. vineyard is situated on the estate site of Avon Brae at an altitude of 450m. The vineyard rows are established north to south to maximize quality for best vineyard management. Terrior is resting over fractured rock and sandy loam on a deep clay base..

Season: Temperatures were above average in spring, allowing the vines to get away to a good, healthy start. Summer was generally mild with the exception of a few days of extreme heat after New Year. Thirty millimeters of rain fell in January which helped to refresh the vines. Shiraz and Cabernet ripened at the same time and were harvested around Easter. 2015 was a cracking vintage in pace, yield and above all, quality.

Wine making: NA

Appearance: Dark purple

Aroma/Bouquet: Perfumed  blackberries with black pepper and dutch liquorice.

Palate: Mouth-watering black fruit is beautifully balanced across the palate with plums and stewed prunes. Subtle French oak adds a perfumed lift to the delightful earthy  finish.

Food Pairing: Red wine venison with field mushrooms and buttered mash, Korean barbecues or American spice rub grilled beef.

Alcohol: 14.5%

pH: 3.42

Acidity: NA

Residual Sugar: NA

Production: 187 dozen

Cellar potential: 15+ years

Wine maker: Kym Teusner

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